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Soon your podcast "Once Upon Colonization"

Far from reviving history or bringing back sad and painful memories to the victims of the colonization from the weakest to the strongest, Betfrika launches "Betfri-Cast".

A series of podcasts, putting together several themes, through which the organization wants to establish itself as a valuable source of information and also helps to better understand the various traits related to colonization.

As the world's history is marked by pleasant and delicate events to deal with, many people, over time, have inherited a misapprehension caused by various explanations and approaches.

For its first, the organization has just announced "Once Upon Colonization" to deal with the colonial legacy and bring people to transcend and see beyond preconceived ideas, received thoughts, and the misdeeds and consequences that we think we know about colonization.

Colonization brought about radical but also progressive changes. Thus, exposing them and trying to make them known to everyone is one of "Once Upon Colonization" objectives. This theme touches on the concept of cultural identity, religion, the slave trade, sexuality and many others, all based on exclusive interventions and testimonies.

You can listen and enjoy the episodes of "Once Upon Colonization" every first and last Friday of each month. They will be available on your platform of choice for your listening pleasure.

We count on your trust and loyalty to make us value together with our mother continent: Africa, the cradle of humanity.

Kangni Coco Locoh

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