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"Book Education"

about the project

The project aims to help improve the educational level of young children and teenagers at school by providing them with various kinds of books, literature to build upon them an educational culture strengthened by books reading and self-study.

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50% of Books

Half of the books collected are intended for primary, college and high school students


25% of Books

we made 25% of the books available to student volunteers participating in the project.

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25% of Books

We resell the rest of the books to teachers at reduced prices.

 why this project


Future Professional

Enable a future generation of professionals trained with quality equipment


Quality of education

Improve and close the quality gap between the educational systems of African countries compared to developed countries.

Helping parents of students

Most African parents do not have the financial means to provide books for their children.


Introduce new habits

Following the implementation of the project, pupils and students will develop a preference for reading and self-training.


With this project, we believe we can result in the next generation of doctors, writers, entrepreneurs and artists while helping students and pupils to learn with high-quality materials. We believe in providing young people with the skills necessary for personal and professional growth; they will, in turn, contribute to their communities' development.



do you care about the education of young people and would like to help?


school institution

you are an educational institution and you would like to participate in the program?


Support us

Donate used textbooks published in the last 15 years and we will take care of their redistribution. Whether the books are in English, French or German.


other way to give

you can help with a financial contribution as aid to the education of children in Africa

don't hesitate, do a good deed today